On-Air Redesign

The Serbian TV station B92 decided to change its image in the market, including its name, news design, and program labels. In my role as creative director at “mehappy”, I also did the art direction and some simple 2D animations. The more complex 3D work and compositing were handled by artists Sebastian Bader and Jörg Fuchs.

about b92:
At the time when it was a radio station, b92 was a force behind many demonstrations that took place in Belgrade during the turbulent 1990s. Due to this, b92 won the MTV Free Your Mind award in 1998, and many other awards for journalism and fighting for human rights. On 6th October 2000, day following the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević, b92 started its tv station.


Client: mehappy

Brand: B92

Year: 2012

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