RTL II Redesign

A facelift for RTL II

In my first year as the Creative Director at Leitwerk Medien (now called mehappy), I had an exciting chance to work on the RTL II Redesign. New Agency, new Job, new On-Air Design, – or let’s call it facelift.

Inspired by car industry ideas, we came up with the concept of the logo appearing like a “xenon lamp.” This meant having a lens-shaped outer shell with a glowing “glass bulb” inside. The goal was to create a sense of value and a futuristic vibe with the new logo.

RTL II also gave special attention to what we called “flow navigation.” The glass bulbs from the logo turned into a film roll, which made transitions between different parts of a PR block smooth.

Central to the Redesign campaign were the iconic figures Shakira and Lady Gaga, who served as prominent testimonials. The campaign kicked off with Shakira: she illuminated the logo through her hip sways, kisses, and even what appeared to be moments of meditation in diverse trailers.

For Lady Gaga, we partnered with the experts at scanline to create an entire 3D city. Inspired by masterpieces such as “Metropolis,” “Sin City,” and “2046,” this virtual world was meticulously crafted to suit her style and purpose.

Logo Construction

Flow Navigation

Shakira Campaign

Lady Gaga Campaign

Client: mehappy

Brand: RTL II

Year: 2011

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